Olha Rohulya is an award winning photographer, published in Reizen Magazine, National Geographic, Columbus Magazine,, Plus etc. With main direction in landscape photography, also working in urban and events photography.


Hi, now shortly about me.

Let me start from the beginning.

I come from a beautiful and cozy Ukrainian city Lviv (Lemberg). I've always loved nature. And it was one of the reason why I entered biological faculty of Lviv Ivan Franco National University. I graduated university in 2005 with master degree in genetics and biotechnology. After few years working as researcher in molecular genetics I started a PhD study at Molecular Microbiology Dep. of Groningen University, the Netherlands. I finished PhD in 2013. And there I had a choice - to work in genetics again or...

Photography at this time was rather a hobby. I've always liked hiking, trekking, camping etc. I liked to photograph what I see. Nature inspired me, cured my mind, helped in hard times. And at some point I understood that I definitely prefer to work outside then in the closed laboratory every day. Thus photography was a choice. Now it gives me opportunity to travel, to enjoy sunrises and sunsets, to observe wild animals, to meet interesting people, to continuously learn. It also lets me to share all the beauty I see with other people which probably don't have enough time or health to spend time outside.

Spending a lot of time trekking and camping outdoors is essential and thus the most interesting part of my life/work.

The other part is my interest in urban beauty and also in creative artistic people, doesn't matter what their art is about - art of drawing, or art of sporting, or maybe art of living.  

So I photograph dances, concerts, events, performances, people or whatever else which are in some way interesting for me with great pleasure. 

And I love what I do. 

For now I live in Groningen, the Netherlands. Registered as freelance photographer by KvK. 

Welcome to my web-site and I hope you will like my works!