Why the light matters

Hello and welcome to my blog! Honestly this is my first blog-post ever. But I had to start some day. It will be dedicated to ... the LIGHT - the thing which is totally everything for landscape photography. I won't telling you here what is light, types of light etc. I will just show you the pictures from the same place made in different time. So you could compare and see the difference. Let's go.

The place will be Drents-Friese Wold, the Netherlands. I like this place due to variety of ecosystems. There are sand dunes and little hills, forest, swamps, heatherland, lakes. Everything to your taste. And this place becomes truly fantastic in August - when the heather starts to bloom. As to the most locations I get by bike, and D-F Wold is in about 45-47 km from Groningen - I usually go there for two days with overnighting. And this is positive, since I have two chances - sunset and the sunrise.

Trip number one. It was the beginning of the August, heather just started to bloom. I went to D-F Wold in the afternoon. And - sunset "minus" - first of all there was no single cloud, thus boring weather for photography. Second - I lost somehow one of my lenses and was trying to find it almost all the sunset time. It was funny and not really funny. The lens was funally found. But anyways. I'm absolutely convinced that you have to feel the nature if you want to take the pictures of it. And what I understood about myself - I love and feel sunrises, and almost don't feel the sunsets. That's why I usually avoid photographing them. But I like look at though...

Here is the photo from that sunset:

As you see - only the sand textures help somehow. Otherwise the photo would be completely boring...

I was drinking my tea before going to sleep, enjoying the silence and thinking about tomorrow. I hoped for some clouds, and at least some mist. Big owl silhouette made a few soundless rounds above me. Then the owl probably decided that I'm too big for the mouse and disappeared in the darkness. I went to sleep. I woke up when it was still dark to find the location. I was already happy - little clouds were rolling on the sky. Spots with the mist. Deap breath in, breath out. Cup of hot tea in the dark. I almost phisically felt the silence. And then was the sunrise. I can say I was very lucky this morning. Mist was pretty dense. It very nicely diffuced the sunlight. Little clouds produces fantastic sunbeams in the sky. Everything you can see by yourself:

I was very happy as you can imagine. When the sun was higher and mist vanished I pcked my gear, took my bike and went home.

Next time was interesting, sice I always enjoy being outside in the wild nature. But it was nothing special. It was raining in the evening, thus I was able to catch a few rainbows. But nice clouds vanished before the sunset time and sunset was boring and cloudless. There are some photos from that evening:

And nothing to say about the morning - no mist, no clouds. But still beautiful heather around to enjoy it ;)

And the last trip to D-F Wold this summer. It was raining the whole day (and night, hehe). But there were a few hours in the evening with some sunshine. But no special sunset colors, no :)

Cloudy dusk:

Only little pink spot at the sunrise:

Sun appeared and mist started to vanish

More harsh sunlight:

My story goes to the end. You can compare the photos from all the trips. I have to say that location was nearly the same all the times. Just a little bit different compositions accoring to the weather conditions. Yeah, everything depends on Nature...

And I have to say about very necessary elements in my photography - my lovely protectors - zwergschnauzers :) If you are more attentive, you would probably notice heads or tails of the dogs here and there in the bushes on my photos. Here is one of them, Versailles:

When I work on the photos he sits somewhere on the hill and carefully looks around to protect me from the danger.

This is it. I wish you nice weather and the lovely light.

Take care!


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