A gloomy weather post

It's gloomy and rainy in my part of the world currently...Time to recollect nice warm sunny days of the gold autumn in the Netherlands.

I went to Duurswouderheide, the Netherlands in the end of October to shoot the sunrise. I found a nice swamp, it was foggy and the sky promised a nice light. The only thing was...I didn't feel the place. I found the spot, everything was great. But the only thought which crossed my mind at that time was - what actually am I doing here??? I automatically took a few photos and left the spot.

This was a case I always talk about - to make a Nature, landscape photos, you have to feel what you are doing. I spent another hour walking here and there and trying to wake myself up. Finally it happened. I found an interesting tree, and set nearby to have some tea. After a minute I forgot about the tea :) This was a moment I was waiting for. A wave of inspiration. The sun was still low and gold sunlight played in the tree leaves.

Inspired and full of energy I went to the forest close by Bakkeveen. It was a magic morning! I spent about 5 hours in a row photographing. It was amazing!

Exhausted but absolutely happy I took my bike and went back to Groningen.

It was a veeery long day. From boring swamp to the magic autumn forest. Nice switch, in just one old oak tree :)

I wish you all to be able to find your own special inspiration 'tree' ! ;)

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