The timing is extremely important for the landscape photography. You could never get a golden sunlight in the afternoon. You can't have a serene dark-blue colored view after the sunrise or before the sunset etc. It's important to know how the light changes in your part of the world. And in addition the weather playes a great role too. You also have to be aware of the quick changes of the light during the sunrise or sunset.

A little example. I went to the Oisterwijkse vennen (the Netherlands) last autumn. I spent there two nights. And only one, the last sunrise was interesting. Actually it was spectacular. I like the nature before the sunrise. When there is still a blue hour, and some first colors appear on the sky. Nature slowly wakes up...

The show started about 10 minutes before the sunrise. Sky turned purple- red. A mist diffused the light and as result at some moment I appeared to be surrounded by the COLOR. Everything around was purple. It was so crazy.

And during the sunrise I had this view :

I was very happy that I used to arrive to location about a hour before the sunrise...

Nature is unpredictable and it's wonderful!

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