It's truly amazing how the boring and a little bit too flat farmland in Groningen can be transferred into absolutely magical place during the sunrise time! When I have too much computer work and don't have any possibility to escape to the 'wild' places for a few days, I take my bike and go through the fields nearby the city. It doesn't usually take too much time. But brings refreshment and inspiration for the whole day. There are few spots I like somehow more then the others, like few windmills situated around Groningen. It may look boring at first glance to visit the same places a few times. Nope! Amazing feature of the Nature - every day is unique, every sunrise has it's own mood. And even the photos taken at the same spot during the same season would look totally different! You don't believe me? Just take a look!

Morning number one. Photos from a couple of month ago.

And another beautiful atmospheric sunrise from a couple of weeks ago.

The light and the whole atmosphere were absolutely different. And the matter is not in the postprocessing. Photos here are actually barely processed!

BTW, answering the question people often ask - no, this is not HDR. And I never use this technique... I only use graduate filters to keep exposure right. Mostly Hitech Formatt 0.9 GDN soft edge or 0.9 reverse graduate.

And for the keeping nice summer mood - a couple of another photos from the magical Groningen farmland :)

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