An autumn post

Finally after the long break I have time to write. This post was not an easy choice - a lot of material is waiting since September. But we have an autumn now, so let's talk about the autumn :)

This season has been always missed by me. At least I tried to find some really autumn photos from the past years and I found just few. This year I decided to take the full advantage.

The easy choice with location - forests nearby Bakkeveen. They are placed not too far from Groningen, and they are amazing in their variety. You can find there a clean spruce forest, a forest with larches, forest with beeches etc. There are places with very old photogenic trees. The choice with the weather - also an easy least for me))) - a morning with a very dense fog. The fog created a special atmosphere and beautifully diffused the light. So coloured leaves looked even more intense on its background. I was photographing a few hours in a row and it was a real pleasure. Hope you will like the results.

There will be another autumn post with fog and sun. And this is a totally different story. I wish you all a nice weekend!

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