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February 2, 2016


   I have challenged myself recently. To write a one blog post per week...well... may be per two weeks. But write! The thing is that I have a lot of interesting material from the last 2015 year, but mostly commercial. And almost nothing has been shown or described. I'm gonna try to fix it. 


  I tried to choose what to start with and the first thing that crossed my mind was a trip to Posbank during the heather season. Good story for those grey and windy kinda winter days :)


  So the Posbank. A wonderful place. First of all, there are HILLS!!! An amazing thing which is difficult to find in the Netherlands. The second wonderful element in that area is heather. During August and September all the hills are covered with a beautiful purple carpet. A must-see beauty! And a magnet for many photographers from all over the Europe... I have  visited this location a couple of times during the last years, but only for the one day and for the sunset.

  This time we with Sasha decided to go for a few days and stay  with a tent in the camping nearby. So we had a plenty of time to walk around. 

  First morning me with the amount of photographers on the location. And this was not even a weekend! I probably need to explain that photography for me is a long and very private process. I don't like to use known and popular spots and compositions. So I need some time and a silence in communication with the nature while the inspiration comes. And it's so difficult to focus when there are so many people around standing already everywhere in all popular spots! :) I chose my way and just went through the hills to search for my inspiration. It took some time while I found 'My spot' with no one around. And the process began. 

  Those are the photos from that 'My spot'. The sunrise was foggy with the beautiful honey colored sunlight diffuced in the fog. 'My spot' started from the finding a 'My tree'  (see the post about the autumn days :))

  Here is this 'My tree'.


Canon 5D mark II + Canon 17-40 mm f4 USM L

Av 16, Tv 1/10, ISO 250


Canon 5D mark II + Canon 17-40 mm f4 USM L

Av 14, Tv 1, ISO 250


Canon 5D mark II + Canon 17-40 mm f4 USM L

Av 16, Tv 1/10, ISO 250


Canon 5D mark II + Canon 17-40 mm f4 USM L

Av 16, Tv 1/50, ISO 250


  It was a really impressive and a very beautiful morning. The rest of our stay there was nothing really outstanding, but rainy and clouded. Thus we had some time to relax and enjoy our time. 


  And just to finish the story - the last sunrise from the Posbank. There was even more photographers that morning then previously. So we went to the other side of the area, which works much better for the sunsets... But anyways. We and our dogs 'met' a boar in the heather. Dogs were smart enough to not bark. And the boar slowly walked away in his own direction. When I set my tripod and was searching for the compo of the photo below, a fox jump out from the heather in less then a meter from me. Love such a moments. Not to mention a couple of wonderful people we met afterwards...

  Those are the both sides of the creative process - silence and communication. 


  This is it. I wish you lots of inspiration and till soon!



Canon 5D mark II + Canon 17-40 mm f4 USM L

Av 11, Tv 0.8, ISO 200



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