All the photos were taken using filter Formatt Hitech 0.9 reverse grad and a little craziness.

I think almost every Dutch photographer knows about location close to a little village Moddergat in the North Netherlands. There is a Wadden sea coast with a few old wooden breakwaters. And one can indeed find there some very unique and interesting views, especially during a low tide... I can't say I like this location that much... In warmer seasons and during a low tide this 'coast' looks like a mud... it is actually mud. And it smells horribly due to some anaerobic bacteria in it. After all the visits to Moddergat 'beach' I spent a lot of time washing away the smelly dirt from my boots and tripod. But the good side of the photo is that people which look at it can enjoy the view not having any idea about the smell :)

The photos I show here were taken in summer 2015. We had a few very hot (for the Netherlands) days, so I thought it can be interesting by the Wadden sea, when the mud dries out... When we arrived to the location I was absolutely happy with what I've seen... Dry cracked mud together with a water here and there formed many interesting textures. It really looked like a different planet. I forgot about the smell and started to jump from one dry spot to another on the mud looking for the shapes and textures. Here is the result. I was happy with it. Hope you like it too.

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