Double Hindeloopen + Zandvoort

I need to confess... Every year in December I buy a few train day tickets with a stupid hope that may be THIS winter will be real winter with cold and snow. And that there will be a shelf ice again on Ijsselmeer as it happened a few years ago. I was lucky to see the beauty of the broken ice pieces on this huge sweet 'sea'. But I wasn't lucky with the weather, and also I only started to try to photograph at that time. So I still hope to see the ice again and to photograph it now, with all my knowledge and experience in photography, and also with the better light. But not. Winters here in the Netherlands are getting worse and worse in the meaning - warmer and warmer. And every year I need to use my day tickets for going somewhere else.

This year I went twice to Hindeloopen and once to Zandvoort aan zee in the end of February- beginning of March. The trees are naked and the grass is dull at this time of the year. So the coast is the best choice for photography aims. I also bought a NiSi reverse filter 0.9 recently with a NiSi holder, and got one NiSi GND 0.9 filter soft edge as a gift from a dearest friend in China. I was eager to try these filters, since I only used resin graduate filters before. In short I was really impressed with the quality of the filters, which are indeed neutral and very solid. But what was more important for me - for the person who likes to photograph a sun - absolute absence of flare. Priceless...

Here I will only show the pictures taken with NiSi filters. I think I will post later a real test with the comparison to my old Lee and Formatt filters.

Hindeloopen number one. I mostly spent time at the harbor and in the town, which is amazingly beautiful and cozy. It was a high tide at the coast. So I was able to take a only few pictures during a sunset before water completely covered the narrow beach.

Hindeloopen number two. This time the high tide just started, so significant parts of the beach were water free. And there were still available some interesting sand textures.

If to talk about Zandvoort - I went directly to 'my path' as I call it. I visit this place every year. And I like it, since this place is further from a busy part of the beach with all the restaurants etc. Also the path itself goes via high dune, and the sea is nicely visible from here. Moreover it's a great photo location.

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