Drents-Friese wold it is.

Remember I promised myself to write in this blog every week ... Well, I lied :) At least I will try to cover the most interesting trips I had recently. First of all it's useful for myself, since it concludes the trip, the results, and brings together all the photos taken.

The heather season is coming so I decided to write about Drents-Friese Wold, and particularly about Aaekingerzand. This location is very important for me, as one of the first 'wild' locations in the Netherlands I have visited when stepped on my Photo-way. During different weather conditions and seasons it offers a lot of opportunities for the photographer: there are short fluffy pine trees, sand textures, heather, moss, dunes etc. And it is also easily reached by bike from Groningen.

My post is about visiting this location on August 2015, when the heather was in full bloom. I stayed for a few nights at De Wilhelminahoeve camping. The camping was great with a very friendly owners and even more friendly everyone who stayed there. In a few minutes upon arrival I was surrounded by people, astonished by my little person (information was spreading very quickly through the camping place). Me was: 1. Ukrainian girl; 2. Ukrainian girl who arrived alone, by bike, with one mini schnauzer, from Groningen; 3. I have settled my tiny-teeny one person tent (while all the people stayed in huge tents with the beds inside and even flower pots outside); 4. I arrived to photograph. I felt like some kind of exotic creature, whom everyone wanted to touch. Lots of fun! Later they will find me even more strange. Almost all the time I would spend around the tent, while other people would hike around. Nobody could know that I woke up at 3 a.m. to be on time on location and was already back to the camping when people only started getting up... But if seriously I'm really grateful to all those people. Everyone helped me eagerly with any questions I had. It was interesting to talk with some too...

Now about photography. Well, the Nature of course doesn't care about my photography plans. As it usually happens, among the few sunsets and sunrises only two mornings brought some interesting conditions. One of those mornings was absolutely fantastic. Here are the photos. Some of them I already published, some are newly processed. First of two morning brought hardly noticeable mist and very high shapeless clouds. The horizon was covered with the same type of clouds, so it basically brought neither rising sun, no extraordinary colors. Sun appeared almost in an hour after the sunrise, and I was still able to catch some golden light diffused in the vanishing mist. Atmosphere was still wonderful. I was the only human in the whole area, tet-a-tet with its beauty and silence.

The last morning was way more interesting.

Started with a clear sky and some mist.

But a continuous cloud cover was quickly crawling from the West to the Eastern side. I could only wait and hope that the sunrise would start before the moment when the clouds would reach the Eastern horizon.

And it did. A very little stripe of the clear sky left when the sun appeared on the horizon. And the amazing show started. A beautiful honey light diffused in the light mist, purple clouds, purple heather. Awesome. Photos below are very little processed, the colors are all natural.

From the moment on the last photo sun disappeared in the clouds and it was an overcast the whole day. Everyone who woke up as usually around 7-8 a.m. met only gloomy clouded day. I was lucky to see the awesome sunrise show. And kept it with me the whole way home.

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