Flat and cozy Dutch farmland

I think I'm very lucky that I've started to learn photography while living in the Netherlands. At that time I was spoiled with the different mountain and sea views and Dutch countryside looked quite boring. Even more, I was annoyed with this continuous flatness. But there was no choice, 'cause I couldn't travel abroad every week... And as I would have understood later it was my advantage. I was taught me to see the beauty everywhere, in the smallest details. It's easy to take (/make) a beautiful photo in Iceland or Austrian Alps. But it's a challenge to find an interesting composition in this flat little country :) With a time I started to like a cozy Dutch farmland with friendly cows, curious sheep, the network of the bike paths with interesting people. I started to value the little wild nature islands here and there. With the huge respect to the people who created those islands...

I have posted this already some time ago on my Facebook page. Here I would like to share more photos taken around Groningen. Lovely atmosphere and relaxing view, and just round the corner!

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