My love to the windmills comes from my very childhood... In Ukrainian folklore they are often described as a place where all demons, witches and other evil things like to gather. Why is it so? Difficult to explain. One of the reasons is that all windmill owners in the past were very rich comparably to the other village habitats. And it's understandable 'cause mills were making flour from the grain and the bread was the main food at that time. All people in the village depended on the windmill. But they thought that windmill owner in that rich due to selling his soul to the devil. And this thought wad spread through many fairy tales. From being a child I associated a windmill with a deep mystery and something supernatural. Almost all windmills In Ukraine were destroyed during numerous wars... Thus I could see those beautiful buildings only on the pictures. And then I arrived to the Netherlands... Here I often photograph windmills. And it never gets boring. Just imagine people who created it, and worked on it. This throws way back in the time. Most of the Dutch windmills worked for the water pumping to dry out the certain territories. Isn't it amazing? Great people and great ideas stand behind every of those buildings...

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