Patterns, textures and assault rifles.

Photographing sunrises and sunsets is all fine, but sometimes it's good to try something different. It develops the vision and teaches to work with any available material. So during my last visit to Drents-Friese wold, a National park placed in Drenthe and Friesland provinces in the Netherlands, I tried to work during the day. The weather helped a lot with the beautiful stormy skies. There is also a place with some sand dunes giving an opportunity to play with the patterns and textures.

The trip was in August. I woke up as usually very early to meet the sunrise, which was in all possible grey tints. The camera staid in the backpack. After few rains the sun finally appeared and I went for the hunt. The sunlight wasn't too harsh due to the clouds rolling on the sky, but it still could create nice shadows and the contrast. Here what I was able to shoot that day.

All the photos were taken with a NiSi CPL filter to enhance the sky and some - with Lee neutral graduate filter 0.9 soft edge to keep the exposure right (because I broke my beloved NiSi graduate filter)

It wasn't a very busy day due to the rainy weather. Only a few of people passed by. And also a couple of fellow photographers being busy with photographing of heather quite far away from the dunes. So I set peacefully on the dune to play with my dogs and wait for the sunset. Suddenly I've heard a loud screaming and saw two guys and a girl in suits running away from two soldiers with assault rifles. With shooting at each other, screaming and all the mess... This all looked so surreal that for a moment I thought it's my hallucination... I think if I would meet two green aliens dancing rumba on the dune I wouldn't get more surprised. But then I saw a camera operator yelling - ok guys, let's repeat from the beginning!!! Good... a movie shooting... Ah, I love my life with all the craziness that happens to me during my trips.

The sunset was grey.

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