Lüneburger heide. Part I

Sometimes I receive messages from people about how lucky I am to be able to wake up early and catch up all those beautiful sunrises. They think I'm an early bird and it's easy for me to get up in the middle of the night... It's not true. I'm just a usual human being and I like to sleep longer, at least as long as my dogs allow me to. Every time when I hear my alarm clock ringing at 2-3 a.m. I crawl to the window to check the weather conditions. And deeply inside I hope for a rain, tornado, apocalypse, anything what would allow me to go back to my warm bed and have a sleep for another few hours. Sleepy mind finds millions of excuses why don't I need to leave. In those moments I have to kick myself with force outside the home, tent or a hotel room and make a first step into the darkness. Then everything changes.

At the beginning I was afraid of being alone in the darkness and especially to enter the dark forest. Now I enjoy it. It's like a different reality. Usually there is nobody around, just a silence, starry sky, forest odors and even sometimes wild animals. I've learned how to dissolve in nature and to become a part of it. And then there is no fear left, only a curiosity and observing. And of course there is a special reward - a sunrise, which leaves no regrets about waking up early and have a long walk to the location. Because it's a pure beauty gifted absolutely for free.

Here are the photos from my trip to Lüneburger heide in Germany in September, 2016. There were a couple of mornings with a bad weather forecast, when the sky looked gloomy and unpromising, but I still decided to give it a chance. And I wasn't disappointed...

The area is between Bispingen and Niederhaverbeck.

My very first morning after arrival. The location wasn't maybe the best, as I just started to learn the area. But the sky colors were impressive.

And the last morning. It was especially valuable as in the end of that day I was already back home to Groningen, the Netherlands, a completely different world and life.

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