My last night after 6 days in Allgauer Alps I spent down by the Schrecksee lake. Actually for all my nights I was back more or less to the lake area, even though I was hiking and climbing the peaks around during the day. The main reason was water - it was not easy to find streams, many of those, indicated on the map, appeared to be dried out. Also it was not easy to find suitable spot for my tent in this sharp rocky area.

Almost week has passed. After 6 days of trekking I ran pretty wild. I didn't meet many people, only saw few from far away. And everything around became "mine". I even had a personal red deer who visited me every night. I could easily recognize him by voice. His roaring was calm, in high notes, and reminded rather a cow then a loud, horrifying below of the other deers. He was probably young. Also always alone. First night (and second here) when he started to walk around my tent and to roar I was worried as I know that deers during mating period can be aggressive and like to toss with their antlers everything that happens on their way. But he didn't touch the tent. Later his visits became a 'must' ritual for me. I fell asleep only after I heard his cautious steps and his funny young-voiced bellow - ah, hello, my friend, goodnight.

Of course it wasn't easy at the beginning. The first two days of any of my trips solo are the most difficult. From all the daily usual stuff I'm at once thrown to the nature on my own. Luckily dogs are always with me. People would call it - leaving a comfort zone. But I think it's more then that. I would call it facing yourself... and sometimes those meetings are not very pleasant. While in the city you can easily run away from yourself with music, people's noise, parties, social media and so on. In nature you appear on your own. No noise, mostly no even a mobile connection. Now listen to your inner voice which is so cruelly honest. I can't describe even close how lost I feel sometimes during first couple of days in the wild. But then... I start to see and hear again. I feel the power and balance, and awareness of my own body and mind. It's an awesome feeling.

It was Saturday evening. I set my tent between the hills and was sitting with my dogs looking on the lake, when people started to appear. Yeah, a weekend! And if to come close by car and then to climb for one night with a light backpack, a Schrecksee is comparably not a difficult destination. But it was so strange to see people here! I was sitting like a marmot on the hill incredulously observing the guests... The only difference was that I didn't whistle like those fatty beasts around. A few tents appeared, but mostly from the other side of the lake, so pretty far away, as one needed about an hour to walk around it. One tent with two guys was closer. We waved to each other. Photographers.., those damn photographers are everywhere!

The sky was clear. So I could forget about the camera and just relax and fully admire a place, that was my home for the last week. It was getting dark. I glanced on the starry sky and went to sleep. Surely because of other hikers my deer didn't appear.

In a while I was waken up by a strong hit at my tent. I set. Just nearby my tent someone was rustling with paper and packages as if eating chips. And a low, hoarse voice of an old smoker was singing 'pam-pam-pa-paaam'. Then in a short while I've heard a sound of peeing just in front of my tent. And then silence. What the hell?.. I opened the tent... All the garbage that I was collecting during the whole week, and kept in tent vestibule, was thrown all over the hills... I was speechless. And furious. Who to hell would steal the pack of trash and throw it like that? It was freezing, so I returned inside. Puzzled, I tried to understand that somebody who would have made so much effort to get here and then do this kind of stuff. People who go to the mountains are usually special. It's not that they all are angels and unicorns with flying butterflies around. People are different and go to mountains from different reasons, too. But... Something is always in common, deep inside they are all beautiful souls. Or maybe I was just lucky with humans I've met. But this was something out of my experience. In a while the sounds of rustling and singing returned. This time I was prepared. I took my headlamp and quickly opened the tent - Ahaaa!!! Just in front of me, eyes to eyes was standing a fox, with a package in the teeth. A few seconds she watched me with a look full of hatred and contempt, as if I've ruined the whole her life. Then ran away. I noticed myself sitting with a big smile from ear to ear. What an awesome good-bye from the Nature... Thank you. Next hour I had fun collecting my garbage all over the hills. Still a couple of hours left to sleep... Then- meeting sunrise, climbing the last mountain peak. And saying good-bye to this magical place. Till next time.

The photos here are chosen randomly from the next and last sunrise by Schrecksee, also few random from few previous days.

The photos are taken with my old good Canon 5D markII. Using NiSi CircPol filter, Benro GND 1.2 soft edge (to keep the sky exposure correct)

View on Vilsalpsee lake.

#alps #Schrecksee

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